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It’s no secret that the economy has hit every household directly. Incomes are not keeping pace with market costs, mortgage loans continue to accelerate, while property values decrease dramatically. The Federal government did fix the banks’ pending mortgage crisis; however, many people nationwide are up in arms not knowing where to turn for the “homeowners’ bailout.” Daily we get numerous calls and e-mails from clients, asking…”just how do we participate in the mortgage crisis bailout?” Sadly, that was not part of the bailout that was designed to keep the banks stable due to the large number of defaulted mortgage loans.

The only available solution to fixing the mortgage loan problem is attacking each issue and problem one household at a time. There has not yet been created a Congressional plan, and there is no current blanket program, that covers every household. Each problem must be resolved individually, and repaired on a per case basis.

What the Federal Treasury has created as of March 2009, now popularly known as the “Obama Plan,” is a means for responsible homeowners to get some relief on their mortgage loans. Katz & Associates Law Firm has handled several cures under the “Obama Plan” and to date many homeowners are able to see light again. Not every homeowner qualifies. Of the 13-million homes needing loan modification, less than 500,000 have been helped thus far. The reason for the low number in just five months, too many homeowners attempted their own adjustments or sought help from unlicensed and under-qualified loan modification services. Only an attorney can get mortgage rates and terms re-qualified legally and properly. For this purpose alone, banks prefer to deal with the attorneys to lessen the banks’ own liability. Without legal representation, many do-it-yourselfers are immediately denied/turned-down by banks, so not to create banker liability.

Katz & Associates is part of a handful of attorneys in a national program (Default Mortgage Modification, “DMM”) endorsed by the U.S. Treasury’s U.S. Trustee’s Office, and Federal District Court, to work directly with the Nation’s mortgage lender’s top level legal departments and management departments to expedite the slow process of mortgage loan modification. Due to the electronic processing methods utilized in DMM, this has dramatically brought down the costs of legal representation to now make it affordable to all homeowners, to legally aid in curing the individual mortgage problems of many homeowners. Update: In addition to the current popular “Obama Plan” and still widely utilized “Bush 7/2008 Hope for Homeowners”, there are several State programs that are being put into effect ot help homeowners, such as yourself, to keep their homes. The Bar Association Fund (contributed funds from member attorneys) also have some relief and aid programs put into effect that can be tapped into as a valuable resouce to assist many homeowners on a local basis. Legal Aid Society is another valuable resource. Katz & Associates utilizes each and every resource as a benefit to assisting our clients. Contact Katz & Associates for a Free Consultation.

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